Alcatraz night tours vs Alcatraz Day Trip

Join our San Francisco city guided tour combined with Alcatraz night adventure. Explore a unique custom adventure of Alcatraz Island “The Rock” at night. Alcatraz night tour offers visitors a unique perspective of Alcatraz Island after dark, totally different from the day tour of Alcatraz.


Why booking an Alcatraz night tour?

Alcatraz evening trip is completely a different touring experience from Alcatraz day tour. Alcatraz night tour offers you a unique perspective of what Alcatraz former inmates have experienced after dark. Some visitors find Alcatraz night tour somehow creepy, while other travelers love it.nigh-tour-alcatraz

Alcatraz provides distinct and outstanding look and feel especially when you make an evening visit to this legendary Island. During your evening tour, you will embark on an eerie experience of this former federal prison, which gives the island a ghostly feel after dark, something you can never experience during the day tour. At night, some sections of Alcatraz are opened but they are not available during the day trip.

Proving exceptional experience

The Alcatraz night tour is a unique trip which provides extraordinary experience to the visitors.  This trip includes special programs and numerous activities which are not provided during the day tour like roundtrip ferry transportation, a guided tour from Dock to Cellhouse, the Cell-house Audio Tour, a live boat narration, a keepsake souvenir brochure and many programs or presentations offered only at night tour. During the travels, you enjoy a sunset as well as panoramic views of San Francisco and surrounded areas.


What to wear during excursion?

You need to wear comfortable walking shoes with well-gripped soles and be prepared and dress in layers as the weather in  Alcatraz and San Francisco  is cool, often foggy and changes drastically in minutes.

Carrying food and beverage

You need to carry foods with you during your trip because there is no food service available at Alcatraz. Eating is strictly prohibited on dock area. You may enjoy a variety of snacks and foods on the ferries or simply have an early dinner before you embark on Alcatraz Island.

Limited tickets available for visitors

Alcatraz tour tickets are sold out up to 10 weeks in advance during summers and holidays. If you want to discover the breathtaking attractions of Alcatraz Island, you need to your Alcatraz tickets at the earliest.

Alcatraz night tours and tickets can be booked on Golden Horizon Travel’s website at, these tickets also include your Alcatraz audio guided tour, your ferry trip from San Francisco to Alcatraz and vice versa.

Alcatraz Island evening self-guided tour is a unique program limited to just a few hundred visitors, be sure to book your Alcatraz tickets weeks and even months in advance as they get sold out up to two months in advance.

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