Travel to Redwood National Park and Indulge in its serene beauty and primitive landscape

Redwood National Park

Redwood National Park is one of the crown jewels of Northern California, and one of the best -kept secret national parks in Northern America. These outstanding and remote state and national parks are home of the real giants-the oldest, tallest and most massive redwood trees are found in this remote wilderness , in Northern California.

Visit Redwood National Park

A trip to Redwood National Park is like a revelation, so serene, so peaceful and faraway from “civilization”, and away from the city hassle and bustle. The park provides an array of natural wonders and stunning groves of gigantic redwood trees, spectacular sights for all ages.

California’s Redwood Parks are home to some of the biggest and largest trees on earth, they are so massive and big that visitors can drive a large car through them. No place in the USA offers such unique trees, they are incredibly impressive and leave visitors so enchanted and amazed at once by their unique beauty and imposing presence.

Redwood National Park is also home to vast prairies, oak woodlands, grasslands, winding roads, rocky coastline, wild rivers, amazing array of wild life massive Elk you can spot along the way or in the deep and dark forests you will travel through. During your visit, you may also encounter foxes, cayotes, deer, Roosevelt Elks, banana slugs, black beers, gray whales, Douglas-fir and sea Starfish or sea stars along the coast (they are star-shaped echinoderms belonging to the class Asteroidea).

Marvel at the serene beauty of the Redwood forests in Northern California

tallest trees redwoodsRedwood National Park’s staffs and park rangers work hard to maintain and reinstate the area’s biological diversity through resource management and educational activities. They preserve both natural processes, genetic diversity and the area’s species to ensure that countless generations can experience the serene beauty and tranquility of the old-growth of Redwood forests. Several visitors’ centers can be found along the way, and provide self-guided tours and very informative displays about the park history, biology and geology.

Book a private custom travel package all included and enjoy a memorable adventure

Drive-Through Redwood Tree Park photo ca

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Tip of the day

Did you know that the real massive giant redwoods are not found in Muir Woods National Monument? These massive and tallest trees on earth are found only in the remote Redwood National Park, located faraway from San Francisco Bay Area, in Northern California wilderness.

The Redwoods of Muir Woods (a very small overcrowded forest) are tall but not massive neither tall as those of Redwood National Park redwoods.  You got to travel north to Redwood National Park, at least once in your lifetime, this is a bucket-list adventure.

giant redwood trees

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