Death Valley National Park Top Attractions

Death Valley National Park

Death Valley National Park is the driest, hottest and the lowest point on North America! Death Valley National Park is located in the Southern California Desert and partially in the State of Nevada. It’s about an hour northwest of Las Vegas.

Death Valley National Park is well perceived as a wild surreal and lifeless desert. Death Valley is a stunning large and open museum of geological formations from all eras! One of the most striking geology in Death Valley is the Artist Palette where the color of rocks changes with the effect of lights. But Also, badwater bassin, the lowest point in North America.

Death Valley ToursDeath Valley National Park which was established back in 1933 is actually a 3.4 million acre (14,000 km2) park that extends over 130 miles long surrounded by steep and striking ranges. One of the most striking aspects is the fact Death Valley, the lowest point in North America , is located only a couple of hours below the highest Elevation in the United States (out of Alaska), it’s mount Whitney that rises above 14505 feet (4421 m).

One of the most visited places in Death Valley is Furnace Creek where a museum is located relating the history and geology of the stunning valley.

Death Valley is one of the hottest places in the world where temperatures exceed 120 °F (49 °C) during the summer months from late May to September.

If you like hiking , you may try Mustard Canyon, a popular hike located just north of Furnace Creek through a brilliantly-colored canyon. Or Golden Canyon, a great two-mile round-trip walk located between Furnace Greek and the Artist Drive. The Artist’s Drive is a scenic loop drive via multi-hued volcanic and sedimentary multi color hills. Don’t miss the artist’s palette vista point!

Other Attractions in Death Valley:

Mushroom Rock. Is on bizarre shaped rock located on the road south of Furnace Creek and on the way to Artist Drive.

Devil’s Golf Course: A strange landscape made of a vast field of salt crystal.

Badwater: Badwater basin lies at 282 feet below sea level and considered the lowest point in the Western Hemisphere, Badwater Basin is a surreal landscape of vast salt flats.

Natural Bridge: is a narrow canyon was created by erosion in the course of time located south of Furnace Creek.

Zabriskie Point: Zabriskie Point is considered as a popular sunrise vista point and sunset viewing location. A pardise for romatic people and photographers just east of Furnace Creek.

Dante’s View: The most breathtaking vistapoint in the Death Valley National Park, this spectacular mountain-top offers stunning views from an elevation of 5000 feet over the inferno of Death Valley.

Scotty’s Castle , Scotty’s Castle and Ubehebe Crater are also a famous hop in Death Valley keep on an eye on the hungry coyotes

Other sites of interest in Death Valley include Sand Dunes, Mosaic Canyon, Darwin Falls, Marble Canyon, Salt Creek, Eureka Dunes, Father Crowley Vista ,Wildrose Charcoal Kilns, Lee Flat Joshua Trees, Aguereberry Point, The Racetrack and Titus Canyon

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