San Francisco Twin Peaks are two hills nearly a thousand feet high

Twin Peaks

San Francisco Sightseeing Attraction

San Francisco’s Twin Peaks are two hills, nearly a thousand feet high, in the geographic center of San Francisco. Divided by Twin Peaks Boulevard, the two hills are the prominent shield for the fog. The west side of the hills are often exposed to strong winds and fog, while the east side of the slopes often receive more sun and warmth.

At the top of Twin Peaks is located Sutro Tower, the most prominent of San Francisco’s radio towers, which can be seen from across the bay. Reservoirs on the hill are owned by the San Francisco Fire Department and provide free drinking water to most of the city. There is also Christmas Tree Point, a viewing point that offers a clear view of most of San Francisco. Most of the hills are undeveloped and has been designated at a habitat for many natural resources and endangered species, like the Mission blue butterfly.

The Twin Peaks MUNI tunnel connects Downtown with West Portal and the southwestern part of the city. It opened in 1918 and cut the commute time of the city by 20 minutes. With the opening of the Tunnel came a migration into Forest Hill, West Portal, St. Francis Wood, and Westwood Park.

Architects and planners of the area west of Twin Peaks eschewed the grid pattern of Downtown San Francisco for wide, curving boulevards of residence parks.

Twin Peaks is a residential neighborhood.

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